2019-2020, upcoming sessions

18 November 2019, Laura Mulvey, (Birkbeck College, University of London) “Space, time and motherhood in some films made by women”  (joint session with the research group Imaginaires Contemporains). Respondent: Martine Beugnet (Université Paris Diderot).

28 November 2019 [séminaire franco-britannique], Dr. Jackie Uí Chionna (National University of Ireland, Galway), “Family Networks in the Revolutionary Generation: The Ryans of Tomcoole, A Case Study.”

2 December 2019, Luise von Flotow (University of Ottawa, translation and gender studies, author of Corps Accord (2019), a French translation (for Quebec) of 4 chapters of the American feminist reproductive health book Our Bodies, Ourselves) in conversation with Antoine Cazé and Emmanuelle Delanoë-Brun. Séance commune avec FLT?

26 March 2020 [séminaire franco-britannique],  Dr Ben Griffin (University Lecturer in Modern British History at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Girton College), “The gender order and the judicial imagination: masculinity, liberalism and governmentality in modern Britain

2018-2019, past sessions

#session4, Monday 19 November 2018, Krista Cowman (Lincoln University, UK), “‘The Battle of the Parlour: views of working-class living space in inter-war Britain” (joint session with the research group Histoire du Politique). Respondent: Clarisse Berthezène (Université Paris Diderot). Click here for further details

#session5, Tuesday 18 December 2018, Laurence Gervais (Université Paris Nanterre) will discuss her forthcoming publicationLe Sexe de la ville, Construction du territoire urbain états-unien dans une perspective de genre, construction du genre par le territoire(éditions Demopolis). Respondent: Marylene Lieber Gabbiani (University of Geneva). Click here for further details

#session6, Monday 11 February 2019, Rémy Bethmont (Université Paris VIII), “Le mariage des couples de même sexe et le christianisme queer dans le monde anglican.” Respondent: Mathieu Duplay (Université Paris Diderot). Click here for further details.

#session7, Monday 18 March 2019, Martin Winckler. Respondent: Ariane Hudelet (Université Paris Diderot). Click here for further details.

#jointsession, 25 March, Jennifer Klein (Yale University, Visiting Professor at the LARCA), Laura Lee Downs (Chair of gender history, IUE), Pat Thane (King’s College, London) and Capri Cafaro (former Democrat Senator in Ohio, Visiting Professor at LSE) “Women, Work, and Welfare: A history of Gender and Precarious Labour Markets in Britain and the US.” This will be a joint session with “Histoire du Politique”, another research group at the Université Paris Diderot).

#session8, 8 April, Laura Mulvey (Birkbeck College, University of London), “Space, time and motherhood in some films made by women.” Respondent: Martine Beugnet (Université Paris Diderot). This session was pushed back to 18 November 2019.

#session9, Monday 6 May 2019 (17h-19h): Sandeep Bakshi (Université Paris Diderot), “Decolonial interrogations of the queer canon”. Respondent Ladan Niayesh (Université Paris Diderot). Click here for further details.